Zebra ZT410




What is the Zebra?

The Zebra is a beast among barcode printers! It's the most efficient printer on the market and will help you maintain speed and efficiency while welcoming new product into your inventory and warehouse.


Why do I need it?

In order to maintain a low error fulfillment space, you’ll want to include the ZT410 as one of your must-haves in your warehouse. The Zebra will allow you to print 14 labels per second (What?! YES!), and this body, specifically, also cuts the labels at the end of each variant. No need for long, never-ending strands of barcodes; let the Zebra do the pesky work for you!

While Dymos are also capable of printing barcodes, the Zebra is going to do it at a pace the Dymo is not made for. You can input your product into CommentSold, and with the click of a button print as many barcodes as you need for any sku. Have them all printed within seconds, allowing you to move onto the next piece to be entered into inventory.

The Zebra can also function as a wireless printer, being connected via Bluetooth or can be connected by USB as well.


Where do I get it?

You can purchase the ZT410 here: https://www.barcodefactory.com/zebra/printers/zt410/zt41042-t210000z

You can purchase labels here: https://www.discountthermallabels.com/product/zebra-10000303-compatible-3x1-direct-thermal-labels/