When to Choose Facebook to Make Posts

You probably already know this, but you can choose to make your Facebook product posts either through CommentSold or directly through Facebook. There are some cases where it makes more sense or is necessary to make your posts through Facebook. Keep reading to find out more!



First, let's discuss the size of your group.



If you have less than 20k members in your group, we recommend that you create your posts in Facebook and either use auto linking or manual linking. Why? We have seen that groups smaller than 20k will get higher engagement by posting directly through Facebook. We have found that Facebook discriminates against apps posting into groups when there are less than 20k members. If someone with 100 members in their group posts through CommentSold, Facebook often says, "Why are you using an app to post? Is this spam? You only have 100 members and are brand new." We also have seen instances where notifications have been suppressed for posts made directly through CommentSold for smaller groups. This does not affect pages at all - pages seem to have the same engagement regardless.


Another reason to create your posts through Facebook and link back to CommentSold is that you have the ability to post multiple pictures this way!



Using multiple pictures is a great way to showcase your products to your customers! You can show the front and back view or show multiple colors of the same item so they can really get a good look!

Another reason to create your posts through Facebook is the ability to do video posts. These can be simple fit videos, outfit of the day posts, or even prerecorded live sales! How you decide to use videos to up your selling game is up to you!



While we're discussing videos, have you ever noticed a video in another boutique's CommentSold mobile app and thought, "How do I do that?!" Well, this is how! When you post a video to Facebook then manually link to CommentSold, if you have the box next to "Send the notification?" checked, it will send the post to your mobile app as well! (Don't have a mobile app? Why?! Click here to find out more!)



For auto linking, just make sure you have "Send Notification on Autolink" enabled here, and the videos will go to your app as well!


Easy peasy!

If you are looking to get higher engagement on group posts, post multiple pictures or videos, then we recommend try making your posts through Facebook and then linking back either manually or using our auto link feature. If you are not sure how, click on those links to learn!