What You Need to Know About Facebook's Recent Notification Changes

You may have seen an update from Facebook about their recent notification changes. Even if you haven’t, chances are your customers have! Here is what they are seeing:


So what does this mean for your business?! It means your customers might miss out on your posts, and you might miss out on sales! But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you how your customers can easily make some changes so they still see you, and give you a few tips to make sure they get it done!


First things first, we have to get those settings changed! Your customers need to go to their Facebook settings page and click on notifications.  From there, they need to click on edit to the right of “On Facebook.”


Then, they should click edit beside “Group activity.”


Finally, they should click next to your boutique’s name and change their notifications to “All Posts.”


It looks a little different on mobile, but the process is the same. First, they need to go to click on “Settings and Privacy,” and then click on “ Notification Settings.”


Next, they will need to select “Groups” and then select your group from that list.


Finally, they need to change their “In-App Notifications” to “All Posts” and make sure their “Push Notifications” are set to “Highlights.”


Easy peasy, right?! But wait... How do we make sure your customers change these settings?

I’ve got one word for you: INCENTIVIZE!


There are countless ways you could incentivize your customers to get all of your notifications. Have your customers comment on your post confirming they’ve changed their settings for a chance to win a prize. Post a few super special, exclusive sales items to reward those who have turned on the notifications and to use as an example of what can be missed by not being tuned in. Whatever you decide, make it fun and on brand!

And while we’re on the subject of keeping your customers engaged with your brand, have you considered a mobile app for your boutique? Our app development team can get you set up with an eye-catching, easy to use app with push notifications so you can always be top-of-mind with your customers.