Getting a CommentSold App When You Already Have One

What's needed to transfer over to a CommentSold app


At this time we don't support transferring/updating an existing app created by another provider instead we are able to create a new app under your company account with your desired branding and will manage and deploy the app for you.


We can setup a new app under your existing apple developer account as long as that account is a Company/Organization account.


Click here to learn how to convert your Apple Developer Account to a Company account:


We aren’t able to migrate any existing android apps or to reuse your existing google play account, we will setup a new google play account for you.


Before you get started:

  • If you want to reuse your name - rename the old app (slightly) so that we can create a new app with that name OR provide a new name in our app process
  • Once you begin the CommentSold app process don’t make changes to the app or developer portal (since we will be creating assets and certificates for your new CS app)
  • Remove any other developer(s) from your account


Launching your app:

When you are notified that your new app is live

  • Remove your old app from sale:


  • Notify your customers that you have a new app
  • Send a push notification through your old app with the new app store link
  • Email or otherwise notify your customers that you have launched your new app with the app store download link