Training your Customers to Comment Sold™ with CommentSold™

So you've decided to give comment selling a try, huh? Or maybe you have gotten your customer accustomed to comment selling but they are not yet familiar with CommentSold™. Every customer deserves an introduction on how to register, buy, and become familiar with their account. It's your job to teach them! 



Facebook LIVE Sales

Facebook live can be such a powerful tool. In fact, engagement is almost always higher on videos, than standard posts! Our first tip, is going live in your group to chat with your customers about CommentSold™. Make the video long enough to answer any questions they may have. Here's some pointers you may want to touch on in your video:

  • Registration - leave your shop URL in the text of your video. Instruct your customers to click the link, and log in with Facebook to become a registered customer. If you have messenger notifications enabled, instruct them to check the "Send to Messenger?" box. 
  • Account page - give your customers a look inside their account page. They'll see tabs for shopping cart, paid items, fulfilled, and wait-listed. They can also edit their address, email, and apply store credit and coupons! (Credit/coupon guide here)
  • How to comment - customers must be made aware of the proper way to comment and the do's and don'ts of comment selling. The word "SOLD" is the key word in every comment. It MUST be included for the system to properly invoice. Size and color (as applicable) must also be included with their comment. If the customer is unsure of the sizes/colors available, they can refer to the post. Each variant must be spelled correctly exactly as it is listed in the post. The system also does NOT pick up edited comments. If your customer comments incorrectly, they will need to leave an entirely new comment. 
  • Purchasing multiples of the same product - If a customer is commenting on a single post and would like 2+ of that same item, the customer will need to leave a comment for each item desired. 1 comment = 1 item. 
  • How to purchase - customers will access your link included in the post to view/pay all invoices. They can comment and add as many items as they'd like to their cart before checking out. Feel free to share this video with them as well! 
  • Waitlist - this is probably a new feature to your customers, explain to them what it means to be waitlisted, and how they can eventually get that item in their hands!
  • Facebook Messenger - IF you have messenger notifications enabled, (we highly recommend this. If you don't have enabled, check out the guide here) explain to your customers the information they'll receive via messenger! They'll receive notifications regarding the status of their comment. Ex) Item in stock, waitlisted, item restocked, etc. From their messenger notifications, they can also click "PAY NOW" to redirect them to their account page to view/pay their invoice. For the customer to opt into messenger notifications, they'll need to check the messenger box upon registration. 

If you haven't, its always a good idea to walk through the registration and buying process yourself. With the experience, you can better guide your customers and answer their questions. 

Pinned Post

A pinned post is a great place to hold valuable information regarding commenting, orders, a customer service contact, return policy, etc. Any information you feel is valuable to your customers, type it out, and create a pinned post! New and old customers can refer to the pinned post if they have any questions or need clarification!



Lastly, periodically check in with your customers! This is a good time to get to know your new customers, and answer any questions your current customers have!