Going Live with CommentSold's Live Overlay


Are you going live with CommentSold's Live Overlay for your Facebook Live Sales? If you aren't, why not?! You can go live in both your group and on your page all from one place! Also, the overlay gives you the unique ability to add dynamic overlays on your live streams. No more note cards!



With our Facebook Live Overlay, we are pleased to bring you our new Talent View screen! Going live here is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Let's take a look at what the new Talent View looks like!



Step 1 is where you will see you stream from the CS Broadcast App.



Once you click the red button in the CS Broadcast App, you refresh this screen and will see your stream. Note: you are not live yet.


At this point, it is important to take a look at your stream and see how it looks. Is it a little bit blurry? You will want to check your internet connection; you must have a strong internet connection to work properly. What you see in the preview is exactly what your customers will see. If it is blurry/choppy or the sound isn't right, it will be the same for your customers. In cases such as these, you will not want to use the overlay.




Step 2 is where you will select which items you want to sell during your live sale. You will either choose a Product Selection you have already made or create your live sale list using Dynamic Selection.

Once you have picked a product selection or started adding items through Dynamic Selection, your view of this section will look like this:


You will see your list of products you are going live with, and product details (identifier, sku, price, inventory) of the current item selected.

Note: all items listed in your product selection will be clickable. If you click on the name of the product, it will automatically open in a new window, in case you need to do any last minute edits.

At this point, before you go live, we recommend you click on Clear Overlay to clear out the current product from your stream. You never start selling immediately after going live, and you don’t want your early birds shopping ahead before you get started!



Now, it's on to step 3! Choosing where to go live!


You can choose to go live on both your page and your group, and your CommentSold mobile app all at the same time from one device!


Once you decide where to go live, you can set your title and description of your live post!


You can also choose to send out a FB messenger blast to all customers who have messenger notifications enabled to come join you at your live sale! Be sure to include the live URL in your message so your customer doesn't have to go searching for you!



Now it’s time to go live! Just click the button whenever you are ready!


You will now see on the right side of your screen confirmation that you are live.


In the middle of your screen, you will also be able to see how long you have been live.


You will also notice that Step 3 has turned into a real-time comment box. You will be able to see all of your customers’ comments, which channel they are coming from, and be able to respond to them directly from the talent view screen!



That's it, y'all! Once you have completed your sale and made all of the money, just click End Live Sale.



With CommentSold, going live and keeping all of your info in one place is as easy as 1,2,3!