SMS (Text) Messaging

Did you know you can send shoppable text messages to your customers?! It's true! Keep reading to find out how to use this feature!


First, we will need to enable SMS messaging on your account. Log in to your CommentSold account, click on the chat feature in the bottom right corner, and request the feature be enabled!


Once SMS messaging has been enabled, you can go here to purchase SMS credits. The minimum amount of credits available for purchase is 4,000 for $50.

Now, you are ready to send out a text! Go to your products tab, click the three dots next to the item you want to text out, and click "Send as SMS."


You will then be taken to a screen where you can preview and edit the text message to send to your customers. You can change anything you want in the message except for the link. You must include the link, or your customers won't be able to check out!


Once you have your text message set up the way you like, you can choose to send it now or schedule it to send later. This is what the text message will look like to your customers:


When they click the link, they will be taken to a page where they have the option to purchase the item.

File (5)-1

Easy enough, right?! But wait. How does the system know to whom to send a text? Your customers must opt-in to receive your texts. They can do this on their account page!

File (3)-1

If you were wondering how you can encourage your customers to opt-in, check out this Facebook post I made for my boutique!


Check out this video if you want to see how to set up SMS messaging in action!

You'll have your customers shopping through text in no time!