Shipping through Shopify

So you've got a Shopify site and prefer to ship through it? No Problem! First things first, make sure you’ve connected your CommentSold & Shopify Account. To do this, click on Setup then Shopify Sync. Enter your Shopify shop name in the space and click Connect Shopify.


Once completed, you should see the word CONNECTED in green!
In order to ship through Shopify, you also have to make sure Send Orders to Shopify is enabled. This is located on the same page.


Once you've completed these two steps, your orders should be visible in CommentSold and in Shopify. Under the Orders/Fulfillment tab in CommentSold, you can access your orders in Shopify by clicking on View in Shopify.


To view in Shopify, you can search your open orders list or you can type in the customer’s name in the search bar. In the shipment section, you’ll find all the details about the product(s) ordered. Here, you can confirm or enter the shipment weight, select the shipping bag/box that you will be using, and confirm the shipment price and buy the shipping label. When you've got all of this information completed, just click on Buy Shipping label!


After you’ve paid for your label, go ahead and print out and ship your customers order! This example is shown on a Dymo 4XL Label Printer.



Now that you've printed your label, slap it on that package and send it out! What you ship in Shopify will sync to CommentSold, so you are all good to go!