Sezzle Launch and FAQ

All you need to know about CommentSold and Sezzle!

Buy Now, Pay Later


Sezzle allows your shoppers to "Buy Now, Pay Later"! You get paid immediately, and your shopper gets to spread their payments out over time! You get paid immediately (1 day payout) and your customer pays over several weeks.

CommentSold has pre-negotiated rates with Sezzle. Normally, Sezzle is 6% + 30c/transaction with 7-day payouts, but by signing up through CommentSold, it is 5% + 30c/transaction with a 1-day payout + the first month is FREE!



Q: "Why should I use Sezzle and pay a higher fee than something like PayPal at 2.9% + 30c/transaction?"

A: "On Average, Sezzle increases AOV (average order value) by 22%. If you are doing $100k/month in sales, that is an average growth of $22k/month. We think the $22k in additional revenue is well worth the fee!"

Q: "I already have Sezzle, can I use it with CommentSold or do I need a new Sezzle Account?"

A: "You will need to sign up for a new account. Instructions can be found here!"

Q: "Should I have Sezzle put a minimum order amount required to use Sezzle?"

A: "We do not think so, mainly because even on a $10 item, would you rather the customer checkout with Sezzle or abandoned the checkout?"

Q: "What's the average Sezzle loan approval rate?"

A: "Currently the average approval rate is 82%. Sezzle does NOT pull a hard credit check. They also do not report to the credit bureaus."

Additional comprehensive Sezzle information can be found here:

"Shopper" FAQ can be found here: