Setting up your Shop Information

This article will walk you through setting up your Shop Information on the Setup tab in the CommentSold Dashboard.

Welcome to the #CommentSoldFam and to the first step of your setup journey!


First, let's get everything set up under My Shop!


Your Shop URL will auto-populate with the information you input during signing up for your trial, so you are already set there!

Next, you will want to set your Shop Name. Generally, it is the same name as your Shop URL! You may have used an abbreviation for your Shop URL, so Shop Name will be where you can type out the entire name of your shop!

Next, is your Shop Timezone. Simply select the timezone in which your shop is located!

Up next is your Shop Description. This will appear on your Shop URL! You can write a short, 1-2 sentence description of your shop so your customers know what your brand is about!

Next up is your Shipping Address. Every box in this section is required, so please make sure to fill it out completely. On your shipping labels, if you want it to say "Your Boutique" rather than "Your Name" then you will want to make sure you enter your boutique name in the "From Name" box at the top.


Next up is some toggle switches for your Selling Preferences!


If you would like for your customers to be able to leave you notes when they checkout, simply enable Order Notes.

Do you want to get notifications sent to you or specific team members when a product is low is stock? Enable Low Stock Notifications and then you will be able to edit this on individual products!


If you want to sell gift cards to your customers, enable Gift Cards under Selling Preferences!

Next, let's look at your Account Page toggle switches!

account list

First up is Product List. Your product list is all of your items that have been posted to Facebook. You can enable your product list so that your customers can shop for additional items when they are checking out! In general, we recommend you have this option enabled! Some shops do disable it when going live with new products to keep their customers from shopping ahead during the live sale!

Next up is Hide Sold Out Products. You can decide whether or not you want you customers to be able to look at sold out products and add them to their waitlists. If you do a lot of waitlist restocking, you would probably not want to enable this feature!

Finally, we have Comment Charge. If this is enabled, your customers can opt in to be automatically charged rather than invoiced when they comment "Sold" on your posts! Read all about how to get this setup here!

The last section to customize on your setup page is your Shopping Cart preferences!

shopping cart

Night-time Expire is our first toggle switch. If enabled, shopping carts will expire around the clock. If disabled, shopping carts will not expire from 11pm-7am. Note: If a cart was set to expire during that time frame, it will expire at 7am instead.

The next toggle switch you will see is Update Quantity. If enabled, your customers can update the quantity of products in their carts. If they claimed five items, they can decrease it to three. Likewise, if they claim one, they can increase it to four. If disabled, they cannot change this.

Allow Cart Removal. If this is enabled, your customers are able to remove items from their carts themselves. If disabled, your customer will have to contact you to remove the items for them. We recommend enabling this feature for a few reasons: 1. Creates a more frictionless shopping experience for your customer and reduces your customer service requests. 2. Reduces loss in sales on items. If your customer cannot remove an item she mistakenly added to her cart, she may abandon all items and not checkout at all. Additionally, if she never intended to buy the item, it can be freed up to go into someone else's cart instead of being held from inventory until the cart expires.

Next up is Waitlist Authorization. If an item is authorized, an order will automatically be created when the item is available. Read all about why we love waitlist authorization and how to set it up here!

Next, you can set your Shopping Cart Expiration Time. This time is in hours and can be however many you wish!

CommentSold will send an Email Reminder to customers who have items in their carts but have not yet checked out. In the final setting under Shopping Cart, you can choose how often to send a reminder email to your customers to check out.

That's it! You've finished the first piece of the Setup tab! Keep it up!