Set Up Square

To connect your Square account, follow along with the steps below!

Square currently is not an available payment method for the app. Please sign up for Stripe, Sezzle, or PayPal in order for app customers to check out. 

1. On the CommentSold Dashboard, click Setup and then click Payment Gateways. 

2. Scroll down. Select the "Click here to connect" button. 

3. You may be asked to Allow Permissions. Please choose Allow.

4. If you already have a Square account, log in with your Square Username and Password. Otherwise, create a new account. 

5. Once signed in, go to the Developer's Dashboard here:

6. Click Create First Application (or New Application if you already have some).

7. Name it Comment Sold. Click Save. If you already have a Comment Sold application, click Open. 

8. On the Credentials Page, click Sandbox to move it to Production. 

9. When it is in Production mode, it will look like this: 

10. Scroll down and copy the Production Application ID. 

11. Go back to the Payment Gateways tab on Comment Sold. Scroll down to the Square section. 

12. Click the "Continue to setup" button. 

13. Paste the Application ID here and select your Location. Click Save. 

14. Your Square account is set up and ready to go!