Secondary Offer

Grow Your AOV (Average Order Value) & Improve Inventory Sell-Through

Our Secondary Offer feature displays intelligently chosen add-ons after an order has been submitted to increase average order value and improve inventory sell-through. 

Enable It now

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Easy Customization

Once you enable Secondary Offer you can choose the settings that work best for your business.

Secondary Offer Discount
Set the discount you want your customers to receive when adding a secondary offer. This only applies to the additional product, not the entire order!

Days Since First Post
This is a way to control how old the inventory is that this feature will offer. In the example below, I've set the system to only choose products that were posted at least one year ago. You can choose to select inventory up to 1,000 days old.

Pull from Collections
If you want to control and customize which products will be offered simply add the collection(s) of products you've set up here.

Number of Matches
This is how many products fall within the settings you've set above. This updates in real-time as you change it up.

Total Revenue from Secondary Offer
To increase visibility of how secondary offer impacts your business we've added the total revenue generated through this feature.

Save your changes by clicking Update Secondary Offer Options.

We have the following parameters set for selecting a secondary offer for your customer to make sure it is relevant:

  1. The product will be something that the customer has never purchased before.
  2. It will not be the item that is currently in the customer's cart.
  3. It will be either a one size item or it will be in a size that the customer has previously ordered. 
  4. It will not be a mystery item. (Based on your parameters, it's possible to get the same item from either a mystery box or from a secondary offer, but your customer will never get a surprise, mystery item as the secondary offer. She will always know what she is choosing to buy or not buy.)

How It Works For Shoppers

Let's see what this looks like from the customer's point of view! When your customer is paying with any method other than an account balance and clicks on the pay button, if there is a secondary offer that matches all of the above parameters, she will see a popup that encourages her to add the secondary offer item to her order.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 9.16.39 AM

 This is a very simple one-click add; she will not have to do anything besides click "Yes, add to my order" to purchase the item. Likewise, if she opts not to purchase the secondary offer and clicks "Continue Without Offer" or the "X" at the top of the pop-up, her original purchase will still be completed as normal with no additional steps needed. We set it up this way so that there is the potential to add on extra sales without any chance of losing the original sale!

Reporting Available

 On the back end, you can also track how many products have come from secondary offer orders on the Reporting tab.

We've also added a Secondary Offer tab to filter the reporting page to only show secondary product orders.

Intelligent Choice of Products

Our system starts by pulling older products from your inventory on a per-customer basis. Then we filter based on the sizes the shopper has previously purchased and add an element of randomness to ensure the experience never gets old! We make sure it's not an item that the shopper has ever purchased from you previously.

Designed for Simplicity

Shoppers are able to quickly add an additional product to their order without needing to re-enter their payment info. You can also rest assured that if a customer declines the secondary offer, does nothing, or clicks out of the secondary offer pop-up, the original approved order will still be processed.  


Q: What if I want to just do a single product?
 Simple! Just put the item into a unique collection!

Q: How does the system know what size to recommend?
    A: The system automatically looks at previous orders to establish an ideal size. We will soon add the ability to have multiple secondary offers. 

Q: Can I recommend changes/features?
    A: Absolutely! Head over to or message support and they can do it for you! Make sure you include [secondary offer] in the subject so our product team can quickly find it! We will make a first-wave of changes within a week of the launch.

Q: Are there any payment methods that Secondary Offer does not work with?
 Secondary Offer does not work with Account Credit, but it does work with any other payment method!

Q: If the customer has a coupon attached to their order, does that coupon also apply to the secondary offer item?
 No, it does not. You've already defined a secondary offer discount, so it disregards any in-cart coupon already applied!

Q: Is Secondary Offer available in the App?
Not yet! Just in the webstore and product list for now. We will build it into the App once we get through feedback from the first release