Release Train 8/7/20

Apply Coupons When Manually Creating Orders! + Facebook Catalog URL Now Includes Collections! & More!


⏹  Apply Coupons When Manually Creating Orders!

This can help with B&M, warehouse, and popup sales! Apply coupons directly to the order when manually creating it from the Customer Details Page!


⏹  The Facebook Catalog URL Now Includes Collections!

This allows you to have categories on Facebook! When setting up ads on Facebook in the “Collection” format Facebook will show products only from a particular collection to shoppers! Collection ads also include a new click-through experience that’s super cool!


⏹  New Inventory Logs Show When An Item is Received / Not Received!

You can now see when the received status of different variants is changed!



⏹  New Additions To The Reporting Page! (And one moved)

You’ll now notice Returns and Coupon Discounts directly under Shopping Cost on the reporting page! We’ve also removed “Product Revenue” from the main page and moved it to the CSV tab.

  • The “Returns” value is the value of all returned products in the set timeframe.
  • The “Coupon Discounts” value is the value of all applied coupons in the set timeframe.


⏹  Customize Your “Register” Message!

You can now edit the register message that’s sent when a customer comments or send “register” to your Facebook group/page. This can be edited in the Messenger Facebook Templates section.


⏹  Apartment Numbers Are Now Displayed On Account Page Order History!

We now display a shopper’s apartment number on their order history when relevant!


⏹  You Can Now Edit Shopper’s Referral Codes!

Referral codes can now be edited to personalize the experience for top referrers!


🦟  Searching for Notes And Product Location Has Been Fixed on the Products Tab!

This should function as intended now.



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