Release Train 8/19/20

Separate Cart Expiration Waitlisted Items + “In Cart” and “Not In Cart” Filters & More!


⏹  Use A Separate Cart Expiration Timer For Waitlisted Items

When you restock an item and a shopper has it on their waitlist, we move it to their cart. Unlike when they were actively shopping, they may not be available to check out as quickly.

You can now set a different cart expiration for this case, giving them longer to checkout and receive your expiration reminders! This could result in more purchase conversions as your shoppers have more time to react.


⏹ NEW: Filters for “In Cart” and “Not In Cart”!

We’ve added a couple of cart-related filters! Combined, they can be used to discover which items are actually out of stock vs just waiting in people’s carts.


⏹  Clicking "Process All" on Orders Tab Now Asks "Are you sure?"

We’ve had reports of people accidentally clicking “Process All” on the Orders tab. Now a warning modal appears.


⏹  Banners Now Show for 15 Seconds On The Account Page

On the Account Page, when a shopper adds something to their waitlist, places an order, and tries to checkout but can’t, and it is added to their waitlist, we display a notification banner. It used to disappear pretty quickly. Now we show it for 15 seconds in total.


📊  CSV To Show Received / Not Received Products

You’ll now see an “x” on items that have been received in CSV #14!


⏹  Products Can Now Be Clicked On The New Fulfillment Page

Clicking products on the fulfillment page will now take you to their details page. 



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