Release Train 7/27/20

Mystery Items Can Now Appear In Collections + Push Notifications on Minimum Quantity & More!


⏹  Dynamic Mystery Items Now Show Up In Collections

Mystery items can now be published to collections so they show up under the navigation menu of your choice on your mobile app or webstore. When creating a mystery item, you can still specify which collections they are pulled from, and now you can also specify which collection to publish them to as well!


⏹  Only Send Push Notifications If a Posted Product Has a Minimum Quantity

You can now choose to only send notifications when there’s a minimum quantity reached when auto-linked. This can help you optimize your shop’s added vs waitlist ratio! Leave it blank for no minimum. This setting can be changed here!


⏹ View Best Selling Products For First Time Buyers!

You can now go here to see which products people most commonly purchase for the first time!


⏹  Local Pickup Orders Can Now Be Fulfilled Using Fulfillment V2!

Previously, you had to have a shipping label attached to local pickup orders to fulfill them using our new system. For local pickup orders specifically, now you can fulfill them without creating a shipping label first.


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