Release Train 7/2/2020

Marketing Automation Improvements & App Install Banners on the Webstore!


⏹ Marketing Automation Improvements 

We’ve launched quite a few marketing automation improvements including:

  • You can now select where shoppers are taken when they click “Continue Shopping” on an email! You can now select whether they’re taken to the account page or webstore!
  • You can now use a Free Shipping coupon, in addition to the % off that we do today!
  • Instead of waiting until the next morning, we now start marketing automation as soon as you enable it for your shop.
  • The email character limit has been increased from 250 to 1,000 characters.
  • To find the Marketing Automations, click Setup and choose Marketing Automation.


⏹ iOS Webstore Visitors Will Now Get a Banner to Install or Open Your Shop’s Mobile App!

If you have a CommentSold webstore and an iOS app, you can turn on a banner to prompt them to install your mobile app.  If they already have it installed, it will prompt them to open it.  Drive shoppers to your app for the best shopping experience!

You can enable this here! This is currently only for iOS users - Android will be added soon.



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