Release Train 7/16/20

Fulfillment v2 Improvements + View Added VS Waitlist By Collection & More!


⏹  Fulfillment v2 Improvements!

  • We’ve added a manual override button for when a product doesn’t have a barcode and you want to progress.
  • We now display the order total With and Without tax on the Fulfillment v2 page
  • We’ve made order notes more obvious! 
  • We now include a “VIP” tag next to VIP customers on fulfillment v2!
  • "Mark as Manually Scanned" requires the Manually Fulfill Orders permission!


📊 Order Product Breakout just got an upgrade!

You can now see the waitlist percentage for each specific collection. By knowing what's in demand you'll be able to make more informed decisions like buying deeper on product that your customers want.

Check it out on the Reports page!



Add a Shop the Look Top Nav to Your App

Shop the Look was our recently released mobile app feature allowing you to group products together so that you can sell wide with a single post to your feed. Now your shoppers can browse them easier with their own top-level nav.

When enabled, your app will have an additional top-level navigation menu to easily get to all your Shop the Look posts. You can configure if you would like for it to be the first or the last navigation as well as the name of the tab. New Shop the Look posts are added to this collection automatically.

 This feature can be enabled here!


⏹  Fulfillment v2 Scan Log Issues Have Been Fixed!

Fulfillment v2 was reporting scan logs incorrectly and inconsistently. Now they’re consistent and correct!


⏹ Easily View The Product For Each Inventory Log

You can now click the “View” button on inventory logs to open the product details!


⏹  Internal Order Notes Now Appear In Red / Bold Text

Internal order notes are now more prominent on the orders tab!


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