Release Train 6/4/20

First Paid, First Served + More Referral Program Stats & More!


🔥 New Feature: First Paid, First Served

First Paid, First Served is our highly anticipated new mode that allows you to give your shoppers excitement and urgency to checkout.  The first person to pay is the first person to get the item!

With this feature enabled, inventory is not held as soon as it is carted. Instead, it does not get held until the customer clicks to purchase. In other words, 

This is quite a bit different than traditional CommentSold selling, where the product is held for the first person to claim who has a timeframe to complete the purchase. 

For more information and to get started check out this guide!


⏹  Referral Program Stat Improvements

We’ve added New Customer Average Order Value overall, First Order Total, Number of Orders, and Average Order Value Per Customer to the referral program stats!


⏹  Add Your Logo & Return Policy To Packaging Slips!

You can now add your logo to your packaging slips for more personalization and return policy to provide more clarity! You can toggle the logo on the packaging slip feature here or set up your return policy here!


⏹  Clearer Product Selection Limits & Counter

Product selections have a limit of 1,000 products. This is now clear as you create / edit selections!

product selection updates


⏹  Create Product Selections From Selected Products on the Products Page

You can now check the needed products on the Products tab and create a live selection! 


⏹  Set Whether Employees Can Manage Or Only View Different Pages!

You can now choose whether employees can just view a page or also manage it! You can change this on a per-user basis under the Team tab!


⏹  Weight Changes Are Now Added to Inventory Logs

In an attempt to help you track inventory better, we’ve added weight changes to inventory logs.


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