Release Train 6/25/20

Choose The Order Products Post to The App In! + Better Live Connection Warning & More!


🛍️ Choose The Order Products Post to The App In!

You can now drag products to choose product location when posting to your app. We also fixed a timing issue that made the products sort in a weird order, this was caused by the date being the same on all products. Products should appear as you sort them now!


⏹  Live Bitrate Warnings Are Now More Reliable

We’ve improved the accuracy of the live bitrate warning to be much more reliable. This will prevent a lot of false positives and help you trust that it’s giving you accurate information about the stream. Blue and green banners now symbolize “good” bitrate.


⏹  Give Team Members The Ability to Export Customers

You can now give team members the ability to export customers.


📊 Total Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to the “Return Reasons” Report

We’ve added the total COGS to the return reasons report!


📊 Payments Report: COGS Now Shows Percent of Product Revenue

In addition to the COGS value, we now show what percentage of revenue it is in the same time period. 


🦟  “Server Error” on Mobile Apps Fixed!

Some shoppers were being rate limited in a rare set of circumstances when using some forms of network connections. This should be completely resolved now and these users will not get a network error when loading the app or product feed!


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