Release Train 6/18/20

Cart Expirations Now Can be Less Than 1 Hour! + Loyalty Credit Is Now Reversed When Processing Returns & More!


⏹ Cart Expirations Now Can be Less Than 1 Hour!

Cart expirations can now be set as low as 5m to encourage even faster checkouts!! Previously, one hour was as low as it could be set.

After updating your cart expiration times to less than an hour, you’ll want to review your templates, which you’ll be prompted to do if you configure your expiration in minutes. As soon as you update the expiry time any carts open after that time will automatically dump.


⏹ Loyalty Credit Is Now Reversed When Processing Returns

When processing a return for an item that your shopper earned loyalty on, we now include retracting the loyalty when processing the return! Previously you would have had to account for this manually.

When you process a return for an item with loyalty earned and refund back to a payment source, we display the amount to refund for the item as normal, but also include the amount earned for loyalty to retract from their account credit!

When returning one of these items as account credit, you won’t need to retract the loyalty credit. Shoppers earn loyalty credit for new payments and do not earn loyalty for spending account credit. Returning to account credit will allow them to purchase alternate items, which they won’t earn additional loyalty credit for, which they did with their original payment. This only works for orders created after this feature was launched.


⏹ Sort by Referrer on the Referral Tab

You can now sort by the Referrer on the referral tab!

sort referral


⏹ Hover Over A Team Permission For More Details!

PC users can now hover over the “i” next to a permission to see what it actually grants a user!



⏹ The Coupon Code Box Now Redeems Gift Cards

Previously, attempting to redeem a gift card in the coupon code box would not work and customers would message the shop with questions. Now the coupon code box redeems gift cards!


⏹ Product Notes Are Now Visible on the Change Inventory Screen!

Viewing product notes can help identify why an item isn’t in the correct location - for example, the item could currently be used for a photoshoot.


⏹ We Now Display if You’re Missing Important Tax Information

You can now go to the Taxes tab and see if you’re missing important tax information!


⏹ It’s Now More Clear if You Have The Same FB Page / Messenger Page Enabled!

If you don’t have the same page enabled for messenger / FB pages customers will not be able to receive messages when shopping on your page. We now have a banner warning of this when different pages are enabled for each.


⏹ Only Super Admins Can Update Card Information!

You’ll now need to be logged into a super admin account to update card information. Customer export is super-admin only as well!


⏹ Create Shipping Labels in Chunks When You Have A High Quantity

You can now create labels in chunks by selecting a custom number in the “Number of Orders to Display”. This is an attempt to prevent the Create Labels page from crashing for shops with a lot of orders.

shipping labels


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