Release Train 6/11/20

Bulk Printing of Packing Slips + Push Notification Log & More!


⏹  Bulk Printing of Packing Slips

One of our most requested features on Canny has been the ability to print packing slips in bulk.  For shops who would like to create shipping labels customized per order but pick orders in bulk, this feature is for you!

With this mode enabled, the Orders tab will now have a “Print Packing Slips” button instead of “Print Shipping Labels” at the top.  After you bulk print your packing slips, you can use that to pick all of the items for the orders you are processing at one time.  Now, one by one you can manually create a shipping label based on the items in front of you and fulfill the order manually or using barcode scanning.

For more information, check out the documentation!


⏹  New Push Notification Log on the Mobile Tab

You can now view the previous 100 push notifications on the mobile app tab!


⏹  Uploading a New Fit Video Now Replaces The Previous One

Previously, uploading a fit video to a product that already had one didn’t remove the old video or make the new content the primary video. Now it does!


⏹  Filter Local Pickup Orders on The Orders Tab

You can now filter the Orders tab so it only shows Local Pickup orders!


⏹  Search the Customers Tab by Referral Code

You can now search the Customer’s page by referral code!


⏹  Filter the Products Tab by Products With or Without Fit Videos

You can make it so the Products tab only shows products with or without fit videos!


⏹  Fixed Webstore Filter Sorting

Previously, if you sorted a webstore page by the price it would not correctly sort the products, this occurred with all sorts. This has been fixed and webstore sorting works again.


⏹  Print Live Helpers With Locations

You can now print live helpers with locations! This can make it easier to pick orders in some cases!



⏹  Sezzle Widget on the Webstore

Sezzle is now available on your webstore! This feature is enabled by default for those who have a webstore. 


⏹  Shopper’s Address on Packing Slip

Shoppers can now see their address on packing slips!


⏹  Email Customers Who Have Previously Purchased A SKU

Emailing customers per sku can help you communicate defects and other issues with clothing.


⏹  Minimum Order Coupons Now Respect Collection Restrictions!

Coupon collection restrictions were previously ignored by coupons with a minimum order set. This has been fixed.



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