Release Train 5/7/20

Enhanced Page Messenger Replies + Potential Revenue for Collections & More!

🔥  Enhanced Page Messenger Replies: Pay Buttons, Product Images, and A Better Shopper Experience! 🔥

Page Messenger Replies allow us to reply to Facebook comments through messenger using nicely formatted messages! The new system allows us to include buttons that improve the checkout experience tremendously! As you can see below - we can also include images and a real-time update of how long they have until their items expire! This also includes other types of replies like Waitlisted, Invalid Comment, etc! To get started and enable Page Messenger Replies, set them up here! 

⏹  View Potential Revenue for Collections!

You can now see the potential revenue of collections!

View Your Collections Here!

⏹  “Average New Order Total” & “Customer Lifetime Total” & "Total ROI" Added to Referral Setup

These amounts are now available on the Referral Setup Page! Additionally, we’ve added a “Referred By” column to the “Export customers as CSV” export on your account setup page

Total ROI = total spent from all referred customers

⏹  Publish Product Selections To The Webstore!

You can now publish all products in a product selection to the webstore!

Go to the Products Page!


⏹ Filter Live Selections and Products on the Products tab!

You can now see just live selections or just products on the Products tab!

Go to the Products Page!

⏹  Exclude Credit From Waitlist Authorization

When enabled, shopper’s account credit will be applied to waitlist authorizations. When disabled we will not apply a shopper’s account credit to their waitlist auth!

Toggle it here!

⏹ Product Add-On Info Is Now Included When Exporting Customers

You can now export orders with product add-on info! We now have a CSV that you can export and send to your manufacturers that includes add-on info!


⏹  Remove More Than 250 Products From the App at a Time

We’ve fixed a bug that prevented more than 250 app products from being deleted at a time! You can now delete as many products as you can select at a time.

Go to the Products Page!