Release Train 5/28/2020

Potential Revenue When Creating Product Selections + Best Selling Products by Source and More!


⏹  You Can Now See Potential Revenue In Real Time When Creating Product Selections

We’ve made it easier to determine if you’ll hit your target sales number on a particular live for those who pre-create product selections!

potential rev


⏹  Filter The “Best Selling” Report by Source

You can now see the best selling products and variants by source! As an example, you can see the best selling items on your app or Facebook!


⏹  Order Date On The Customer Details Page Now Appear in Your Shop Timezone

The Order Dates, in Customer Details page order history, are now in your shop’s set timezone.   It used to always be in central time (oops).


⏹  We’ve Added Scan Logs for Orders That Are Manually Fulfilled / Printed

Knowing if orders are manually fulfilled or printed allows you to identify process issues with fulfillment. 


⏹  Automatically Post Products To The Webstore!

When items are auto-linked/posted to Facebook or the App we’ll automatically post them to the webstore when this toggle is enabled! You can find the “Auto Publish to Webstore” toggle here!


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