Release Train 5/21/20

Huge Account Page Improvements + View Product Margin Per Collection + Waitlist Authorization Expiration

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⏹  We’ve Improved Your Shopper’s Checkout Experience!

We’ve discovered issues that made checking out more difficult and fixed them - this is live NOW!!

  • The account setup modal only appears once now!
  • We don’t immediately charge the user when adding a card now. Also, you’re not required to have an item in your cart anymore!
  • We only ask for the necessary info when entering a card now!
  • Autofill has been fixed! 


⏹ Coupons to Drive First-time App Purchases

Ever wanted to create a coupon to drive current customers to the app? Previously you could create an app-only coupon, but now you can create an app-only coupon that is limited to customers who have NEVER purchased on the app before!


⏹  View Collections On The Sell-Through Page!

You can now see the margin and other data of different collections of products! This can help you discover what your margins of different product types are! This report is particularly useful to look at on a weekly basis and when making buying decisions. You can determine what product categories/collections are performing the best (sell-through) and have the best margin!


⏹  Waitlist Authorization Expiration

You can now set waitlist authorizations to expire after a chosen amount of days! Previously, this was set to an unlimited time, but we are defaulting it to 90 days.


⏹  Create Instagram Only Coupons!

You can now create Instagram only coupons!


⏹  Give Employees Permission To View The “Mobile App” Tab Without Being An Admin!

Previously, our system only allowed users to view the Mobile App tab if they had all permissions. This is now a specific permission called, “View Mobile App Settings”. 


⏹  View “Loyalty Earned” On The Orders Tab

We now show the amount of loyalty earned on an order to make processing returns easier. This is a temporary fix until we launch a feature that automatically reverses loyalty credit when processing returns. Keep an eye out for the automated version - coming soon!


⏹  New Fulfillment Tab: Finish Fulfilling The Current Order Before Moving On!

When using the new Fulfilment tab employees were able to scan a new order before completing the current one if they hadn’t scanned anything yet. Now they’ll be asked to finish fulling the current order.


⏹  New Team Permission: View & Change The Facebook Setup Tab

You can now give your team permission to view and make changes to the Facebook Setup tab w/o giving them full admin privileges.


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