Release Train 5/14/20

Real-Time Feedback on Live Video Quality + Exclude Collections From Coupons + Webstore Visual Overhaul!



⏹  Real-Time Feedback on The Video Quality of Your Live Sale

We now give you insight on your connection speed and whether your shoppers will see a clear video! The color will indicate the quality and speed is updated every 10 seconds.
Red = bad quality

Yellow = ok quality

Blue = good quality!

live bitrate


⏹ Exclude Collections From Coupons!

You can now exclude collections from coupons! This makes it so the coupon can’t be used on any product in that collection! This is useful for excluding sale items, new items, and items that don’t profit enough for specific offers! This was requested by over 100 shops on Canny, thanks for giving your feedback and use cases!


⏹  Webstore Visual Overhaul

As promised here are some more webstore improvements! 

  • To start off we have a MUCH nicer webstore header! It includes a modern search bar, persistent tabs when you scroll down on any page, and a nice advert carousel on the front page! These changes combined with last week’s color changes help give all web stores a unique and modern appearance! 
  • You’ll also notice that the collection pages have a better Filtering dropdown. 
  • On the specific product pages, we’ve removed the confusing variant buttons and added a nice selection box!
  • The entire product grid has been revamped to look and perform better!



⏹  Price Changes Have Been Added To Inventory Logs

Ever needed to know the price history for one of your products? Price changes are now stored in inventory logs. The next time that you need to find out why a customer got a product at any particular price, you'll be able to go find out!


⏹  Filter Product by “On Sale” and “Not on Sale” on the Products Tab

You can now filter products by whether they are on sale or not! If any variant is on sale the product will show as “On Sale”. 


⏹  The Customer’s Address Now Shows on Local Pickup Slips

You can now see a customer’s address on local pickup packaging slips!


⏹  Preview Webstore Color Changes in Real-Time!

You can now see the new colors you select in real-time when editing your webstore colors! Be sure to press save to keep the colors you choose!



⏹  Easily Track Down Orders That Used A Specific Coupon!

Previously it was difficult to find orders that used a coupon. Now you can click the coupon on the order view to see all orders that used that coupon! This works for both referral and regular coupons!


⏹  My Account Now Shows On The Mobile Webstore

You can now see the Account button when viewing your webstore on mobile devices!


⏹ Shop The Look Posts Now Send a Push Notification!

Just like regular app posts, you can now have push notifications send when a Shop The Look post is posted to the app!