Release Train 4/3/2020

🎉  Referral Program is here!



🎉  Referral Program 🎉 - Ready to GROW?

With Referral, you can activate all your customers and turn them into business-growth machines while rewarding them in the process! Every customer will get a unique referral code (easily found on their account page) that will track any new first time purchasers that they refer over.

You control where to send the referred person, and how much to pay the referral source. 

Our Referral Guide explains how easy it is to get started today!


⏹  Notification Banner for Updating Customers on Delays/Closures/Etc

Many shops are having to adjust their operations in order to follow the recommended guidelines to keep employees safe. If you’ve had to make changes you can now update your customers with a new banner on the account page. You can do this by going to the main setup page.


⏹  Facebook Fit Videos Are Now Persistent

When a Facebook fit video post is auto-linked, we attach that video to the posted product. Previously, you could not repost with that video but now you can. You still can’t upload videos directly to CommentSold, but it will stay with the product forever. So if you post the product to the app weeks later, it will still have your initial fit video! When Webstore v2 launches later on, they will also be posted for any products you publish on your webstore.