Release Train 2/20/20

Improved Positioning of the Live Overlay + Bulk Delete Coupons + Automatically Fulfill Orders Scanned by USPS & More!


⏹ Improved the Positioning of the Live Overlay

You'll notice that the Total Viewer Count is now below the image/price of the product while the main box has been moved up, giving you more space!


 ⏹ Fulfill Orders in CommentSold When Scanned by USPS

When enabled, every night this feature will check all Unfulfilled orders in CommentSold and see if their tracking number has been updated by USPS. If so, the order will be marked as Fulfilled and you’ll receive an email from CommentSold while the customer receives the regular order email. You can enable this feature at the bottom of the shipping page.


⏹ Bulk Delete Coupons

You can now select and delete Coupons in bulk!


⏹ Live Sales No Longer Stop When Your Stream is Disrupted Temporarily

Previously, something as simple as a phone call would stop your entire live video on Facebook. We've made it so these disruptions will no longer end your live video, preventing you from having to create an entirely new live. With this enabled, you NEED to click “End Live” on the live overview to end the live. This feature can be enabled here! 


⏹ We've Reenabled Facebook Post Templates

Facebook post templates allow you to write the perfect Facebook post format once and use it as a guide when posting new products! When creating a new post for a product this format will be used to generate the initial text. You can find your template and edit it here!


⏹ Bulk Update Variants on CommentSold When Shopify is Enabled

Previously, you could not bulk update product variants within CommentSold when Shopify was enabled. Now you can.


⏹ Mark Multiple Products as Received / Not Received at Once

You'll now find two new options in the select menu of the Products page that will allow you to mark products as received and not received in bulk. Combine this with filters and you've got a powerful tool!


⏹ Display More Coupons at Once

You can now display up to 1,000 coupons at once on the coupons page 🤯