Printing Labels

When you’re ready to begin fulfilling orders, we first need to cover creating and printing those shipping labels!

The buttons along the top of the Orders/Fulfillment tab are going to be your best friend.


Process All functions as an “unlock” button for your orders. You’ll click this to tell Commentsold you’re getting serious about printing these labels.

Create Labels opens a new screen where you’ll calculate the prices for your shipping labels, find out how your orders are shipping (first class, priority), and purchase your shipping labels!

calculate prices

Print Shipping Labels also opens up a new screen where you’ll be able to pull up a print preview, print your labels, and once printed, be sure to click “MARK LABELS AS PRINTED”. This is huge because you don’t want to reprint these labels later!

We recommend printing your labels from an ink printer onto 8.5 x 11” paper; however, we know that there are several of you who prefer your Dymos, which is completely fine! We do believe long-term, the ink printer is the most cost-effective option.


You’ll notice when your labels are printing, they’re going to print all single orders grouped together by location. If you’re not utilizing locations, you NEED TO! Here’s what locations look like on your inventory screen of any product.


This allows you to pick/pull the maximum amount of orders in a single location, making this process more quick and efficient! It is also completely ok to have those variants split up :) Let CommentSold do the inventory tracking and dirty work for you!