Posting to Facebook through CommentSold™

A quick guide to scheduling posts!

Once you have successfully added a product, you will want to share it with your network and sell, sell, sell!

Posting products to Facebook is extremely simple. First, navigate to the Products tab.

Find the product you want to post, and click on the far-right menu and click  "Post to Facebook."


First you will decide where you want to post your product. You can choose between your page or any group of which you are an admin!If you do not see your group you want to post to, then go to Facebook Setup and enable that group!


Next, you will decide if you would like to post as yourself or as your business page!


Now, you will create your post message. CommentSold™ has already built a basic message for you based on information that you've given us already (sizing, colors, description, name). You can change anything in this post that you want. The only thing that we recommend that you keep is the link for the customers to view/pay their invoice.



Next, you will choose whether to make your post now or schedule it for later.


The next section is for Post Comment. This is an optional feature.


A post comment is something that we will comment directly after posting the item. For example, if you want to post a link to a video or more description, you can do that. We will post the item to Facebook, then comment on it, as you, with whatever you put in the box.

The next section you will see is for posting the product to your Mobile App. (Don't have a mobile app with us? Why not?! Check out this link for more info!)


You can choose whether or not you would like to post the item to your app at the same time as you post to FB! If you like to have your products hit both places at once, this is definitely a time saving step!

After you have everything just the way you want it, just click Submit to Facebook!



Your post will now show under the Facebook Posts Tab! That's all there is to it! The only thing left to do is to watch our orders screen while the system takes care of all of the invoicing for you automatically!