Order Product Breakout >> View By Collection

Order Product Breakouts just got an upgrade!

Not only will you find your added versus waitlist percentages, but now we will dive in and show you what collections are specifically being waitlisted. 

This insight will help you have a better understanding of what product is in demand.

As an example, you might want to consider buying deeper in a collection, like Graphic Tees, since 68.63% of people aren’t able to get what they want. This waitlist percentage is a clear indication that you need to up your quantities! 



On the other hand, loungewear sells well. 78.10% are able to get what they want, and the waitlist is considered healthy- so great work! 



Remember it's okay for your customers to get waitlisted occasionally; because it helps to build a sense of scarcity, which helps encourage your customers to buy! Read about optimal product breakout here.

Overall, the product breakout collection will show you what sells well, and what doesn’t. It’s a good tool to help you double down (buy deeper) on collections that are making you money! 

If you reference this feature regularly you will notice trends that will assist your buy plan!