My Invoices Tab

This article will explain everything listed in the My Invoices Tab under Setup on the CommentSold Dashboard.

This tab is going to be a reference for all of your invoices from CommentSold.

Commission Charges - This tab will give you an overview of charges made to your card for Square, Admin, and/or Paypal commission fees. This does not include Stripe. When your customer pays with Stripe, your commission is charged and taken out of each payment. When a customer pays with PayPal or Square, the commission is not automatically charged. Once your Square and/or PayPal payments accrue $50 in CommentSold fees, then there will be a charge to your card on file the next morning. You will be able to see all these charges here.

Subscription Plan Invoices - These are the charges for your monthly subscription plan. There is the starter package, $49/month, and the boutique package, $149/month.

Prepaid Label Invoices - If you use CommentSold Shipping, this is where you're going to view the amounts of prepaid labels you have purchased.

SMS Texting Invoices - When you utilize CommentSold SMS Texting, you need to buy your credits in $50 sums. ($50 = 4,000 credits.) You will see all of the invoices for texting credits here. (Say what! you didn't know we had SMS Texting?! Read all about it here!)

If you need any help with the My Invoices tab, message us in chat support in the lower right corner of your CommentSold dashboard!