Posting Collage Pictures with Multiple Items to Facebook

Your guide to using Commentsold for Collage Pictures!

First, you will need to create a product selection for the products you want to post. To do this, go into your products tab and search for the products you'd like to include in your multi-product post. 


Next to any product included, click the 3 dots, and select "Create Product Selection."

From here, you will select all products included in the multi-photo post. Next to each product you want to include, press "select" to include it in your live post. Including these products allows us to pull the current existing inventory to sell.


Once you have selected all the products from the picture, you can assign them identifiers. Make sure that they match the identifiers you have on your photo collage! Once you have assigned all identifiers, click on "Save Products Selection."

Save your Product Selection with a name that is pretty simple, so that it is easy to find and also easy to auto-link. For auto linking a product selection, make sure to include the name of your product selection as a Style # in this format: Style #Product Selection Name .

For easier auto linking, avoid using spaces or special characters in the name. For example, naming the product Selection LiveSale8-2020 would be put in the post as Style #LiveSale8-2020. 

From here, you can click cancel on "Link Now."


Next, let's post your multi-product photo on Facebook! On your multi-product post, number each item with the identifier you assigned from the product selection.

(ex. dress= 101, shoes = 102, scarf = 103...make this information clear to your customers so they are able to comment appropriately. ex. comment: sold 101 small). 




Make sure to include your product selection name as a Style # in the post to help it auto link! 

You'll need to link the post manually for the first one, then after that, future posts will auto link. 

Find the product selection on the Products tab, click the three dots on the right side, and choose Link to Post. 

Your post will appear near the top. Choose Link to complete the manual link. 


You're done! 

You can now track this post in your Posts Manager tab! Check it out! Invoices are being issued and all you need to do is watch the orders roll in as they're paid! Whoop!