Mobile Release 5/1/2020

iOS 2.4.0 and Android 2.4.0!


Announcing a Huge update to the CommentSold Mobile Apps! 

We have some huge things in this release that you’ll ❤️🔥❤️!

Shop the Look

Feature products from an entire “look” in a single video!  Mobile app shoppers can select and purchase multiple products from the product selection all while watching the video.  Shoppers can also pick individual products, flip through images, and buy them individually.


Creating a Shop the Look post in your app couldn’t be easier!  Create a product selection in the products tab and then manually or auto-link to a Facebook post.  Then, we’ll automatically generate a Shop the Look for your post when it has 10 items or less and also has a video.

Check out the documentation to learn more!

Product filter improvements

Product filters have moved to the top of the screen and they don’t hover over the products anymore.  Even better, as shoppers move between collections the filters clear so that no one gets confused or misses products by filters being applied to collections that don’t make sense!


Facebook ad tracking

You can now specify your shop’s own Facebook ID so that you can track events within your app to measure the performance of your ads and use Facebook analytics! This is huge!  

Events tracked

  • Logging into the App
  • Viewing a product
  • Adding a product to the Waitlist
  • Adding a product to the cart
  • Starting checkout
  • Completing Checkout

To get started with Facebook ad tracking, configure it by pasting in your Facebook App ID into Mobile App -> Facebook!

Heart reactions on Live in the App 

Love what you see while shopping a Live in the App?  Tell everyone!  

Shoppers can spread the love with the heart reaction on the app, heating up the excitement and urgency to buy!  All of the mobile shoppers will see heart reactions.  Here’s some for you right now ❤️❤️❤️

Videos are now featured on the feed

Shoppers can now see when you have a video on any of your product listings!  There is now a video indicator in the product feed for any products with videos.

iOS shoppers now see strikethroughs for sold out items

When particular colors and sizes sell out, shoppers can see they are sold out as each gets a strikethrough in the overlay!  Facebook shoppers and Android shoppers already had strikethroughs, and now iOS shoppers get in on the action.

Overlay clearing on mobile

When going live, there is a Clear Overlay button on the Live Overview, which can be used to clear the overlay to remove any product information that may be up.  This cleared the overlay on Facebook and now works on mobile too!  You may want to do this at the start of your live event or when you want to break in the products you are featuring.  

Android shoppers can guest browse

New Android users can now browse your products as a guest.  When they see what they like, they can register and log in.  iOS has enjoyed this for a while.  Sorry for the wait, Android shoppers (many of us at CS are right there with ya!).

Android shoppers who log in by email can link their FB accounts

Shoppers who registered by email and are logged in can link their FB accounts. If they have already been using a FB account over the web to order, have things in their cart, or have account credit, their accounts will now be merged and all their cart and account info will be in one place.

Important bug fixes

  • On Android, tapping on push notifications did not always take the shopper directly to the product.  We fixed that.