Mobile app: Apple Developer Agreement Expired

How to resolve your apple account so that your mobile app will be unblocked.

Is CommentSold telling you that your mobile app is blocked or needs action? One of the most common causes is that Apple has released a new Developer Agreement and you as the account owner need to accept their new terms.


Every 6-12 months apple updates their legal terms for Developers. They do this for a lot of reasons and they are non-negotiable. For legal reasons they require that whoever owns the Apple developer account accepts those terms so unfortunately we can't accept them on your behalf (or trust us we would!)

What does it mean?

All it means when you have this message is that we can't submit new updates (or release your brand new app) without you logging into your Apple Developer account to officially accept the new Apple legal terms.

How do I fix it?

Accepting the Apple Developer agreement is actually very easy and only takes a couple of steps to complete.

1. Log in to your Developer account at

2. You will see a big red banner at the top of the screen just like the screenshot shown below:


3. Click on the "Review Agreement" link, this will open a review view just like the next screenshot:


4. In the review page you'll see that there is a checkbox to accept the agreement and a blue "Agree" button click the agree button


5. The big red banner at the top of the screen should now be gone!


Now What?

That is all you have to do! If you have a banner in CommentSold you can dismiss it (we will also automatically remove it as soon as our system re-checks the status of your mobile app account).

Any pending update or new app release is now unblocked and will proceed normally again.


What if I need help?

Do you have any questions that you need assistance with right now? We have chat support enabled right in your CommentSold dashboard!