Getting Started With Mobile Apps on CommentSold

This guide outlines what you need to do to get a mobile app on CommentSold

Step 1: Get a DUNS Number

⏰ Expected Time To Complete:
5 - 30 Business Days

A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. Before you can signup for an Apple Developer Account as a business you must first register for a DUNS number using your Company's Legal Name (cannot be under an individual)

You must have an LLC, S-Corp, LLP, etc. You cannot use a DUNS registered for a sole proprietorship or partnership to apply for an Apple Developer business account. 

Has to be a US Based Business DUNS Number, not apple developer

Needed Information:


Click here to register for your DUNS number!


Once you have the DUNS number insert it here on the DUNS step on the Mobile App tab in your Dashboard and click, "Next Steps."

Step 2: Setting Up Your Apple Developer Account

⏰ Expected Time To Complete:
15 minutes

Create An Apple Developer Business Account

Be sure to create a Company/Organization Apple Developer Account - NOT an individual account - you'll have to completely restart if you use an individual account!!


Apple charges a yearly fee of $99 for an Apple Developer Account.

Please Create A New Apple ID Just For This - Using Your Personal Account Could Cause Big Issues!

Please have an email with a custom domain ready. You can use your CommentSold site as your website.

If you don't already have a custom domain name (website address) and email address with it, you can set one up with GoDaddy here

You'll need to enable 2-Factor authentication on the new Apple account. Once it's enabled you can proceed!


Creating an Apple Developer Account:

To create the Apple Developer Business Account you'll need to go to the Apple Developer enrollment webpage and signup.

If that doesn't work, download the the Apple Developer app and click "Enroll Now". Only do this if the website doesn't work.

Simply follow the steps on the website or app and you'll have a business account in no time!

Once you setup your account from the app, you can easily complete the next steps!

Invite CommentSold To Your Account as A Developer

Now that you've created an Apple Developer Business Account you can add the CommentSold team to the account as an Admin so we can create your app! Getting this right is the most important part of the app creation process.

To add CommentSold to your account go here.

Click the "Add" button and input the following:

First Name: Mobile

Last Name: Alpha


👉 Roles: Admin 👈

Now that CommentSold has been added as an Admin on your Apple Developer Business Account we can proceed!

Send Us Your Company name

Now that your account is set up, visit the Mobile App tab in your CommentSold Dashboard, click on Apple Account at the top, and choose the option at the bottom where it says File Input, to submit a screenshot of your Membership page so we can gather the info we need and verify your account is set up correctly. 

Upload your Apple Membership Page and copy & paste the Team Name on that page into CommentSold where it says Enter Your Apple Company Name. Click "Next Steps". 

Step 3: Customization

First, enter 3 unique app names. We'll try using the first one before the others but sometimes your desired name could be taken.

All Customization can be changed on the Customization tab!

Now, enter your contact URL. This HAS to be a URL and users shouldn't have to login to a site before they can send a message. This can't be an email address, Facebook page, etc. It CAN be a link to your webstore contact forum or similar.

Lastly, you can enter an "About Us" section in the app description. This is not required.

DON'T mention iOS, Android, Google, or Apple, CBD products, donating to charity, etc in your About Us section! Apple / Google will reject your app!

Click "Next Steps" to proceed!

All Customization can be changed on the Customization tab!


Step 4: Providing Assets to CommentSold

⏰ Expected Time To Complete:
15 minutes - a few business days

Submit Your Brand Colors

A few notes about submitting brand colors:

  • Pure White is automatically rejected
  • Please avoid near white or off-white colors
  • When choosing tint and button background colors make sure it will be easy to view the white text on them
    You can submit your Tint Colors on the Assets page!

Submit Your Launch Screen Image

Expected Size: 1000 x 1600

Required File Type: PNG

NOTE: Your launch screen image can't be changed once your app has been created - please choose one you'll be happy with for a while. We're looking into this for in the future.

Launch screen images typically consist of easy-to-view images of inventory, pleasant backgrounds, or a familiar model. This image is briefly shown every time the app is loaded.





Submit Your App Icon

Expected Size: 1536 x 1536

Required File Type: JPEG

The app icon typically consists of your brand's logo. The image should be square.


Submit Your Header Logo

Expected Size: Any Size Accepted

Required File Type: PNG, JPEG

The Header Logo will appear at the top of your app and on the launch screen, this can be any dimension!

What Happens if I Don't Have These Assets Already?

Once you submit what you have, these images will be sent to CommentSold graphic designers who will make sure your assets are ready for the app! If you're missing assets, provide the wrong formatting, or would like to have our designers create assets for you they'll make it happen! Once your assets are ready they'll appear on your dashboard and you'll be notified within the dashboard. You'll need to approve the assets for us to move forward!


Step 5: Post Products To Your App Before App-Store Review

⏰ Expected Time To Complete:
10 minutes

This will ensure reviewers see products on your app and approve it! You'll also be ahead of the game.

How to post products to the app:

You can post products to the app by going here!

Follow this gif for the rest:

how to post to app


Step 6: What To Expect After Completing Setup!

Once your Apple Developer account is approved by our system you'll see an app tracker that gives estimations and milestones on your app build progress. The amount of time each step takes can change depending on how many app requests we're getting in at once. This affects the total launch time. The app is not put into the queue until you've completed all steps and set this tracker under App Status.

⏰ Once you're in the queue just wait for updates. The latest updates are shown on the App Status page.

You'll see a mobile app configuration tab here when your apps are fully launched! 


You could potentially have issues while waiting - you can find these on the App Status page.