Live in the App

Check out this guide for instructions on how to go live in your CommentSold Mobile App!


If you have a mobile app with CommentSold, you now have the ability to stream your live sale to Facebook and your mobile app at the same time! Shoppers with the latest version of your Android and iOS apps will be able to view your stream in HD and shop your live sale without ever leaving the app! 



To take advantage of this feature, you must be using CommentSold's Live Overlay and have a mobile app with CommentSold. Go here to read more about the Live Overlay, and go here to read about the process of getting a mobile app.


When going live in your mobile app, you simply need to follow the instructions as usual. The only difference is that when you get to Step 3, choosing where to go live, you will need to click the checkbox beside Mobile App. It is as easy as that!



Here is what your customers will see:



When your customer goes into your app, they will see a banner across the top that says "We are live. Tap to join us!" They will also see a clickable red video icon in the lower right corner that will take them to your sale.

IMG_3833 (1)

In the top left of your video, you will see the number of viewers watching your live. This number includes both the people watching on Facebook as well as on your mobile app and is updated once every minute! 


That's all there is to it!  You are now ready to go live in your CommentSold Mobile App!