Instagram 101


You know that CommentSold can help you invoice through Facebook, but did you know you can also utilize it with Instagram?! First, click here to learn how to Connect your Instagram account to you CommentSold account.

Once connected, you will see your Instagram is connected here.


You're connected, now what? Let's post! (Just a bonus tip, almost anything you will ever need to do will be located by clicking "the three dots to the right.")

  1. Find your product you want to post within CommentSold
  2. Click the three dots to the right, and select "Download Image" if you don't already have the image on your device. A screen will pop up, and you can press and hold, to save the image.
  3. Click those three little dots, to the right, again, and select "Copy Text." This is going to give you a template to use when posting to Instagram.
  4. Open Instagram on your device, make your post as usual, but make sure to paste that text in the status box.
  5. If you keep the Style # on your status, your post will automatically link. If you would like to manually link it, or verify that it was auto linked, you can do so by clicking those three dots, to the right, and selecting "Link to Post."

Pro Tip - We suggest adding "Click Link in Bio to View Invoice" into your status as well as adding your CommentSold URL into your bio on your Instagram page. It's far more convenient for the shoppers to be able to click a link, rather than leaving Instagram, opening a browser, and typing in your URL.

Follow these steps, and you'll be selling like a pro on Instagram in no time!