How to Post Items to your Mobile App

Here's how to post items to your mobile app!


Due to restrictions from the Google Play and iOS app stores, there is a risk posting Coronavirus related merchandise. Please refrain from posting face masks/shields, graphic tees mentioning "social distancing" or coronavirus, or mentioning the phrase "covid" or any variation in posts on the app or in push notifications. Click HERE to learn more


Okay! So you've completed the mobile app setup process, and our developers are busy at work getting your app ready. Or maybe your app has just been developed, but you haven't gotten your products in so you can release it to your customers. What now? There are just a few more steps to take to make sure your app gets approved quickly, and most importantly, ready to roll out to your customers! Let's get started!



When you go to your products tab and click the three dots, you are going to notice something different.

post to app

Make sure the product you select has been added to a collection!

That's right! You will now see the option to post items to your App! And while it is true that you may not technically have an app yet, you can still go ahead and start posting items to it! In fact, in order for your app to be approved by Apple, you will need to go ahead and post at least ten items to your App.

There are a few different ways to post items to your app. Clicking Post to App will be utilized mostly at this beginning phase when you are loading in your older products that you have already posted to Facebook and/or your webstore. It is also a way to post items that will be featured only in your app.

Once you click on Post to App, you will be brought to this page:

post to app1


Let's break it down step by step. The first section is your Post Message. Much like your Facebook posts, the App Post Message will be generated from your template. The default template includes your product description, size, price, and sku. If you want to change your App Post Template, you can do that here.

app post


The next thing you will see on the Post to App page is the picture of your product. If you have more than one picture, you will see your default picture. To change which pictures show in the app, you can go to your Products, select a product, and select Edit Images.


edit images


From here, you can choose which picture will be your main picture. You can also decide which pictures you want on the app and which you don't.



The next section of the Post to App page is all about notifications. Since your app is still in development, you won't actually be sending any notifications out, but let's go ahead and talk about them!

app notif


The app notification title is going to have your boutique name listed by default, and we recommend that you keep it that way.

The App Notification Body says, "There's a new item in your feed!" You can change this if you'd like, but just keep in mind that there is a 150 character limit on notifications, and shorter is better.

Of course, if you want to post something to the app without a notification, simply unclick the box next to "Send the notification"!

Next, you can choose when you want to post to the app; you can choose to post immediately, or you can schedule your posts out in advance! Once you have gotten everything exactly as you want it, go ahead and click "Save Post." It's that easy!

There are two other ways to post your products to your app. You can post to the app at the same time you post to Facebook, and you can post to the app when you link to a post on Facebook.

When you are posting to Facebook, you will now see options for posting to the app as well.


Your Facebook posts will automatically go to the app as well unless you click on Facebook only post. Scheduling posts in advance? No problem! They will go to both Facebook and the app at the time you scheduled!

If you are posting through Facebook then coming to CommentSold to manually link your post, don't worry. You can still post to the app this way as well! Just click the three dots next to the product and click Link to Post. In the bottom left corner of the box that pops up, you will see a checkbox and the words "Send the notification?"


As long as this is checked, the posted product will also go over to your app! Want to post video to your app? This is the method you will use!

Want to organize your products into collections on the app?! Check out the tutorial here!

Now that you know how to add products to your mobile app, check out our article on tips for a successful mobile app launch!