How to Convert to a Company from a Sole Proprietor

This article is to advise on all the information you will need to convert your Apple Developer Account from a Sole Prop. to a Company

Starting June 1st, CommentSold will only be providing updates to Apple Developer accounts who are set up as a company. If you set up your account as a Sole Proprietor, you will want to have the following information together to begin the conversion process:

1. Your DUNS number

2. Legal name and status

3. CEO/Owner Name

4. Legal Address

5. Business Phone Number

6. Website - use your CommentSold webstore address or your Shopify website if you do not have a CS webstore.

Once all of the above information is gathered, you will log into your Apple Developer account and click the "CONTACT US" link. 

After logging in, and selecting your country, choose Account Updates and Renewals as your subject. Craft the body indicating that you’d like to convert your Sole Prop. account to a company/organization. Example or copy & paste this:I’d like to convert my account from Individual to Organization. This will be our only Organization account and include the list of information (1-6) above. It is very important that you state that you would like to CONVERT your existing account to a company; creating a brand new company account will have negative implications towards your existing app. 

After submitting, expect a phone call verifying this information. A form should also follow the phone call, that will be need to be filled out appropriately and submitted to Apple promptly.

During the migration process, you will not experience any disruptions within the app, but may run into issues with push notifications going out.

Once the migration is complete, you will then need to add the CommentSold developers to your account: 

First name: Mobile

Last Name: Team

Email Address: Find this on the Mobile App tab under Apple Account. 

Privileges: Admin

When you have successfully converted your account and added the CommentSold team, you are ready to notify your Account Strategist or Chat Support!