Going Live from FaceBook with CommentSold™

This article will give you all of the information you need to go live on Facebook using CommentSold™.

Consumers love watching live videos and shopping on Facebook. Live videos have proven to be an amazing asset to add to your routines with your business. We have the ability to sell and accurately record comments from live video sales, but there are always a few things that you may want to do before going all in.

Check out this tutorial and read below to get all the goods!

1. Add the CommentSold™ App to your Facebook Group. If you will be utilizing a Facebook Group at all with CommentSold™, it is important to ensure that this is added as an app within your group. Facebook can occasionally be a stickler, and we have a way to avoid any missed comments. The app, when added to your Group Settings, will give you the peace of mind. You will know that your customers' comments will not be missed or misread.


2. Ensure that your Facebook Page and Facebook Group are enabled. CommentSold™ will only read the information on the pages or groups that you have enabled. If you do not have either of those enabled, when you attempt to link your live video, you will not be able to see your posts.


3. Disable Facebook Comment Templates This step is an optional step but a recommended one. Don't worry; if you disable the Facebook Comment replies, your customers will still be able to receive their messages via Facebook Message and email. The reason we recommend to disable the Facebook Comment replies is that if you have too many come through because your live sale is killer, there is a possibility that your business page will be blocked, or put into “Facebook Jail” for 24+ hours.


4. Create your Live Video Product Selection Creating your Live Product Selection essentially compiling several products into one product. In doing this, it is important to understand and utilize variants and identifiers correctly.

Your product variants are the different options available within your product. These variants are added via the “Size” and “Color” tab when creating your product.

Your identifier is going to be a single word or bundle of numbers that will identify which product your customer wants. This will help your customer to pinpoint which item they are referencing, while also allowing our system to pinpoint what product they want, and accurately invoice.

When your customer comments to claim an item, they will need to comment the identifier and the variant (Sold 107 medium). If you have numbers for your hangers, the number on the hanger will be your identifier.

To create your live selection, click the three dots next to a product you want to add, and select "Create Live Selection."


5. Ensure that the identifiers and variants don’t have the same name/number. This is most often ran into when selling denim or shoes because they have a number variant (size 6 shoes or 31 jeans). It’s best to use a 3 digit identifier to avoid running into this problem.

6. Have a backup way to link your live video if you are using your mobile phone to film. You could utilize another mobile device, tablet, or PC. You’re not going to be able to leave your live video once it is started to link the product selection to the live video, so it's important to have a backup device!

7. Utilize comment cards during your live videos. You can use the Live Helpers from the CommentSold™ website or create your own. Using the CommentSold™ Live Help is simple! After you put your products into a live selection, just click the three dots to the left of the live selection and click "Print Live Helpers."


Your Live Helpers will look like this:


If you prefer, you can also create your own. Here is an example of what it could look like:


With all these technical steps completed, you are essentially ready to go live. Before you do, though, check out our Live Video Tips & Tricks to get some insight on how to make sure your sale is the best it can be!