Gift Cards

Did you know that you have the ability to sell gift cards?! No? Well you can! You're going to want to go here first, and scroll towards the bottom and select enable.


Next, go into your Products Tab. In the upper right hand corner, you're going to click "Add gift card product" - This will open up a screen to where you will add a product, as usual.


On the inventory page, it will look slightly different. The quantity will be non-applicable. You will also want to select the check box in the upper right hand corner that says "Allow $0 Cost"


To post your product, you will do it the same style as usual. If you are posting to Facebook from CommentSold, you will need to edit the Post Message message. The system will automatically combine all prices into an average price, but you can edit this easily.


We simply changed our text to "Available starting at only $15.00."


When your customers claim a gift card and pay, they will receive an email with a digital code for use in the coupon section upon checkout. If you need to provide the customer with that information, you can find it here. You can also access this link on the top left of your Products Page.


You can also click on the "code" and it will open a new tab with an image that your customer will receive in their email. In scenarios, you may need save this image and send it to them.



Gift cards are one of the most simple things to set up and because they are delivered electronically, you don't have to worry about shipping!

Why are they good for your business? Easy! Check out this article which tells you why we're crazy about gift cards for increasing your sales and promoting your brand!

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