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CommentSold's New Fulfillment Page

Read this article to learn how to use the new Fulfillment Page!

Requirements to use New Fulfillment Page

  1. You must be using CommentSold Shipping
  2. You must barcode all of your products with CommentSold barcodes
  3. You must have a scanner to scan all barcodes when fulfilling

Once enabled, You will see a new page in the left bar called Fulfillment.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 3.47.32 PM

In order for your team members to use this page, you will need to first give them the "Manage New Fulfillment" permission under the Team tab.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 3.53.57 PM


When you first scan an order on the Fulfillment page, you will see the order number(s) listed on the top right under the heading Orders. Along the bottom of the screen, you will see the products in the order(s).

2020-04-14 (4)

Once every item in the order has been scanned, you will see this:


Incorrect Product Scanned

If you scan a product that is not in the order you will hear a loud buzz and this message:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.15.21 PM

You can click OK to continue, or you can scan a new item and the error will clear.


Combined orders with combined barcodes.

The combined order numbers are shown when you scan the combined barcode.

2020-04-14 (6)


When working with combined orders with a single barcode, the processing of the order happens differently than it does on the Order/Fulfillment tab. You do not have to fulfill the combined order in a specific order. You can scan any product in the combined order at any time. When you complete scanning all items in a single order within the combined order, the single order is not marked as fulfilled until all orders in the combined order are fulfilled.

If you stop the fulfillment of a combined order and refresh (or leave) the page, you will have to rescan all products in order to fulfill the order.


Orders with Gift Cards

When scanning an order with a gift card, the gift card will show as being already fulfilled.

2020-04-14 (1)


Order Already Fulfilled 

If you scan an order that is already fulfilled, you will hear a loud buzz and see this message.

2020-04-14 (5)

You can either scan the next order or click OK to continue.


Order with returned item(s)

If an item has been returned, it will show in pink with a returned label

2020-04-14 (7)

Orders with a deleted product or variant

If the order contains a product with a deleted variant or product, you will see this:

2020-04-14 (12) - Copy

You will need to manually adjust the order, by either returning or exchanging the product, before you can fulfill it.

Labels on Fulfillment Screen

Currently, the fulfillment page shows the following labels: VIP, Final Sale and Returned.


VIP is shown by the customer name at the top:

2020-04-14 (9)


Final sale is shown on the products:

2020-04-14 (11) - Copy


Returned is shown on the products:

2020-04-14 (10) - Copy


That's it! Now fulfillment will be a breeze for you/your team members!