Fulfillment Stations


At this point, you have revamped your intake process and started utilizing locations when printing labels to be more efficient. The last thing we need to optimize for speed and accuracy is the fulfillment process! The first step is to setup your fulfillment stations. You’ll need a fulfillment station for each person in fulfillment. This is their “home” at work! They should have their computer, scanner, and set of packing supplies.

These employees should also have their own Team Member accounts. Once logged in, they are held accountable for how many orders/items they are picking/packing/shipping. Make it a competition and offer incentives for your best fulfillment team members! Team member accounts is also how we set up strict fulfillment for your shop!

What is strict fulfillment?

Strict fulfillment is a system of fulfilling orders that creates an ERROR FREE environment (what?!)! To implement this system, you first need to create Team Member accounts for all of your fulfillment. The only permissions that your fulfillment team members need is Manage Orders and View Reporting - Packers Overview. You can give them any permissions you want, but do not give them the option to Manually Fulfill Orders. This will require them to use a scanner to fulfill orders.

team member

Working in your orders/fulfillment screen and using a scanner, they will scan the barcode on the pick sheet, located in the top left hand corner, which will bring up that order in the “paid” tab. Once the order is in sight, your team member can begin scanning the barcodes of the items contained in that order. With strict fulfillment enabled, team members are unable to scan an incorrect item for an order and still have the order fulfilled. CommentSold shouts a loud “error beep” as well as puts a warning on the screen that an incorrect item has been scanned. Team members will be unable to continue with the fulfillment of this order until they pick the correct item and scan it in the order. If an order has had all of its items scanned correctly, it will be marked as fulfilled and the proper notifications will be sent out immediately to the customer. Talk about efficiency!!!

When your team member logs into CommentSold, this is what their dashboard will look like:


They will not be able to see your sales totals or any other info, unless you give them permissions.

When they go to the Orders/Fulfillment screen, this is what they will see:


Notice that the gift box which is usually the last icon in the column is missing. This means they must scan to fulfill, which means less errors for you!

Under the reporting screen, this is what they will see:


I don't know about you, but this looks like a great way to keep track of productivity of the team to me! You can post up daily and weekly numbers for everyone to see. This is a great way to publicly make sure everyone is pulling his/her own weight.

Okay! You are completely sold on strict fulfillment and ready to get your stations set up! Awesome! Below, we will go over everything you need to get set up!

  • Scanners! These are our fave. They’re hands free, and the easiest to use. Get them here.
  • Laptops! Each fulfillment station will need a laptop so they can work within their own CommentSold account. Any laptop will do, EXCEPT CHROMEBOOKS.
  • Any packing supplies (poly, packing envelopes, tape, boxes, etc.)

That’s all you need to fulfill like a pro!