Setting Up CommentSold Shipping

CommentSold offers its own shipping solution with USPS.

While CommentSold does integrate with popular shipping providers, it is not necessary to use a separate shipping solution if only shipping within the U.S. Third party shipping integrations will be discussed in another article. Watch the video below or read on to learn how to set up CommentSold Shipping.



This Article Covers:

Note: If you are shipping outside of the U.S., or would like to use a shipping service other than USPS, you will need to use a third party shipping solution.


Shipping Settings


Shipping setup can seem a bit daunting, as there are quite a few settings to address. The good news is that you only need to do this once, unless you would like to revisit select settings again in the future! And the extensive shipping features, such as those related to free shipping, help to make your shop even more successful.


In this section, we will walk through the primary settings to understand and address. Other settings are covered in the video at the top of this article, or can be reviewed within your CommentSold dashboard, where they each have helpful descriptions!


To get started, click on the Setup tab in your CommentSold admin dashboard and then click Shipping.


Setup your shipping cost.

The amount entered here will be applied to your whole order as a flat rate for shipping.


(Optional) Setup a variable shipping cost.

If you would like the shipping cost entered previously to apply to the first item in an order, and to charge a separate amount for each additional item, you can use the variable shipping cost setting.


Ex: If you set your shipping cost at $5 and your variable shipping cost at $1, an order with three items would result in a $7 shipping charge to your customer.


(Optional) Setup your max shipping cost.

If you are using variable shipping cost, you may want to set a max shipping amount. This is the most a customer would be charged for shipping, regardless of the number of items ordered.


Setup your Free Shipping minimum.

If you would like to offer free shipping over a minimum spend, you can enter that amount here.


Free Shipping Window

If enabled, the Free Shipping Window will unlock free shipping for a customer if they have placed an order in the recent past. You can set how long free shipping is available to a customer after each of their orders in the Free Shipping Window Hours box. You can also enter a Free Shipping Window Description that will display to your customers on their account page.


Timed Free Shipping

Timed free shipping allows you to offer free shipping to customers if they pay within a certain number of hours after adding items to their cart. Enter the Number of Hours you would like customers to have to pay within. If you "'Enable Cart Minimum for Timed Free Shipping," you can enter a minimum amount a customer must have in their cart to unlock Timed Free Shipping. 


Delivery Method: Local Pickup

If you would like to offer local pickup as an option to your shoppers at checkout, this setting will need to be enabled.


Combine orders into the same shipment

If this setting is enabled, only a single label will be purchased for orders with the same address, and packing slips will be grouped for the single label.


Combined Barcodes

If this setting is enabled, combined orders will have the same barcodes.


Custom shipping price/product

Enable this setting if you would like to be able to set a unique shipping price for each product when adding products to CommentSold.


Use CommentSold Shipping

This setting is enabled by default, and will need to remain enabled in order to ship through CommentSold.


Fulfill All Printed Orders

When enabled, you will see a "Fulfill All Printed" button on your Orders/Fulfillment page. When clicked, all orders marked as printed will also be marked as fulfilled.


Automate USPS Status Checking

This setting serves as a backup to help catch orders that should have been marked as fulfilled but were not. If enabled, unfulfilled orders will automatically be checked against USPS records each night and marked as fulfilled when USPS has an update on the package.


Shipping Labels Settings


Before you print shipping labels with CommentSold, there are a few settings you will want to adjust. Click on the Setup tab of your CommentSold admin dashboard and then click Shipping Labels.


Shipping Labels Theme

If you are using a Dymo printer, you will want to set this to "Dymo." If using a regular printer, the correct theme is "Side by side."


Thumbnail Images

If enabled, product thumbnail images will be displayed on packing slips.


Print Blank Page

If enabled, a blank page will be printed between each packing slip.


Show Oldest Orders First

If enabled, orders will be shown oldest first.


Custom return policy on packing slips

If you would like to include a brief reminder of your return policy on packing slips, you can enter that here.