Posting Items to Instagram

There are multiple options for selling your products from posts to Instagram.

Auto-linking in CommentSold allows you to follow your typical posting routine for sharing items to your Instagram feed while allowing shoppers to comment on the posts to purchase products. Read on to learn more about selling products from CommentSold to Instagram, or selling products through Instagram Shopping directly.


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Posting Products for Sale on Instagram


To get started, open Instagram and click to add a post. Select the product image or images you would like to share. 


In your post description, you will want to include all of the information your customer needs in order to purchase. This includes variant information (such as color and size), price, and commenting instructions. You will also include a hashtag followed by the SKU assigned to the item within CommentSold. 


First, make sure that you have already entered the product you want to sell into CommentSold. Then,  go to your Instagram app and click the plus sign to add a picture.


In the description of your product, you will want to make sure you include all the information your customer needs to purchase (sizes, colors, price, and commenting instructions). You will also need to include a hashtag followed by the SKU number assigned to the item in CommentSold. 



As long as you have included the #SKU, the post will be linked to the product within CommentSold, and "sold" comments will appear as orders in CommentSold!


Shopping on Instagram from a Customer's Point of View


Now, let's take a look at purchasing products auto-linked with CommentSold from the customer's point of view.


When your customer comments "sold" (along with any variant information) on your post, they will receive an automated reply letting them know that the item is in their cart. They will be prompted to click the link in your bio to checkout!




Note: The auto replies from your shop in response to customer's "sold" comments can be customized within your CommentSold dashboard. Learn more.


Setting Up Instagram Shopping


Instagram Shopping makes it possible to sell products directly through Instagram, with useful features like product tagging.  


Before you can use these features, you must set up Commerce Manager. Within Commerce Manager, you can set up your shop for Facebook and Instagram selling.


During Commerce Manager setup, you will need to select your Instagram business account to connect. If your Facebook Page and Instagram business account are connected, they should appear together as part of a single Business Manager during setup.


Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 9.13.28 PM


You will also connect or create a Catalog during setup. Facebook allows for shops to add products to the catalog in multiple ways, including direct integration with Shopify or BigCommerce and bulk upload via a spreadsheet. 


Note: If you already have Commerce Manager set up, you can view your product catalog and connect your Instagram account from within the Settings of your Commerce Manager.


Once you have completed the required steps to set up Commerce Manager and connect your Instagram business account, visit your Instagram profile. Click the menu icon to open the menu. Click Settings, then Business. Here you will see the option to "Set Up Instagram Shopping." Click this!




You will then submit your shop for review. It can take several days to complete the review process and be ready to sell. You can check on the status of your review from the Business section of your Instagram profile at any time.


Once your shop passes review, you will see Shopping as an option in the Business section on Instagram. Click this and connect your Product Catalog.


You will now be able to tag the products from your catalog in photos and videos shared to your Instagram feed and story, and to use product stickers in your stories!


For more information on setting up Instagram Shopping, view their setup guide here.