Reporting on Waitlists

Use the Waitlist report to view data on waitlisted products by specific date ranges.

The Waitlist report provides a list of all items and variants added to waitlists, the customers who waitlisted the items, and the preauthorization status.


To access this report, click on the Reporting tab of your CommentSold dashboard and select Waitlist.


Enter the desired date range and click Retrieve. By default, the table will only be showing that day's waitlists.


  • The Image column displays a thumbnail of the waitlisted item.
  • The User column displays the name of the customer that waitlisted the item.
  • The Price column shows the retail price of the waitlisted item.
  • The SKU column displays the SKU associated with the waitlisted item.
  • The Color column will display the color variant of the waitlisted item (if applicable).
  • The Size column will display the size variant of the waitlisted item (if applicable).
  • The Pre-Authorized? column will show a "Yes" if the waitlisted item has been pre-authorized by the customer.
  • The Date Added column will show the date and time the item was added to the customer’s waitlist.