Release Train 9/15/20

⏹  More Control Over Canadian Shipping

You’re now able to toggle whether Canadian shipping is eligible for max shipping cost and free shipping maximum! A Canadian shipping option has also been added for Free Shipping Window!


⏹ Visual Update To The Live Overlay

We’ve made a few small changes to the Live Overlay on Facebook to be more similar to the new mobile design! 

  • The overlay product image background has a grayish tint and white text.
  • If the shop has an app, the text color for the price should come from the Background color! If they don't have an app it uses black.

🦟  FIxed the Webstore on Mobile Browsers Drop Down Menu

We’ve fixed an issue where the collection choice dropdown went into overlay mode when you scrolled down on mobile - making it difficult to scroll further.


In Case You Missed It,