Release Train 11/11/2020

Mystery Items No Longer Show During Checkout + Bulk Print Live Helpers & More!


⏹  Mystery Items Are No Longer Displayed During Checkout!

Previously, a bug caused customers to see what item they got from a mystery product. They’ll no longer see what they’re getting until it arrives at their doorstep!


⏹  Inventory Page: Total Cart, Waitlist, Sold, and Shelf Count Now Available!

You’ll now notice that we provide totals for important metrics on the inventory page!


⏹ The “Max Shipping Labels to Print at One Time” Setting Is Now Available!

You can now set the number of shipping labels that print at once so you can print how much you expect to complete in a day!


⏹  Bulk Print Live Helpers

Using the bulk editor at the top left of the products tab, you can now print Live Helpers for selected products!


⏹ You Can Now Edit An Order Address / Email Without Switching From Local Pickup

Previously, you had to switch an order from local pickup to delivery in order to change the order info. This was frequently used to correct typos when orders would not sync. Now you can simply edit the info and resync!


⏹ Ability to Clear Waitlists From the Waitlist Tab

You can now clear all waitlists on a product from the Waitlist tab!


⏹ Fixed Not Being Able To Add Size 0 to Existing Products

Previously, you couldn’t add a size 0 variant to existing products. This has been fixed!


⏹  The Webstore No Longer Preselects Sizes on Products

Previously, the webstore would preselect a product for shoppers. Sometimes it would preselect a waitlisted product and confuse customers. This is no longer the case - the variant has to be selected by the shopper.


🦟 Scroll Down the Bulk Action List on the Products Tab Using iPhones

Previously, people using iPhone browsers could not scroll down this list. Now they can!



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