Release Train 10/6/20

Shop Admin Logs + Live Viewer Multiplier & More!


⏹ Introducing: Shop Admin Logs!

You now have access to a shop log that shows who changes settings, order status, account combines, etc taken by shop admins and employees! This will help you diagnose issues in a process and help resolve most situations much faster! We’ll be tracking even more over time! 

Check it out by going here!


⏹ Live Viewer Multiplier!

This allows you to boost your perceived viewer count by 1.2x - 5x the actual amount. This impacts the Total Viewers value when watching your live sale from the app and Facebook (not the viewer count shown by FB when viewing on their site). This is set to 1x by default (no multiplier) and can be changed from the Shop Setup Tab!

Note: The real user count is displayed on the live dashboard and reporting. This doesn't impact that.


⏹ Print A Live Helper Without Making A Product Selection

You can now print a live helper without creating a live selection first!



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