Release Train 10/28/20

Sort the Shopping Cart Page by Amount Carted + New Permission Added to Manage Refunds & More!


⏹  Sort the Shopping Cart Page by Amount Carted

This will help you find the ‘shoppers’ who have the most inventory tied up - and easily clear their cart! 


⏹  New Permission Added to Manage Refunds

Currently, the “Manage Orders” permission allows employees to issue refunds. Over the next week, we’re separating this permission to the new, “Manage Returns” permission. Both permissions currently allow employees to issue refunds but starting on 10/30/20 only the “Manage Returns” permission will let employees issue refunds to shoppers. Please ensure employees who need to issue refunds have the new permission by 10/30/20. 


⏹  Store Credits CSV Within a Chosen Timeframe

This allows you to see how many store credits were issued over the chosen dates.


⏹  Gift Cards Now Excluded from the Free Shipping Window

This fixes a loophole where users could purchase a $10 giftcard, redeem it the next day and repeat the process to keep the free shipping window going. 


⏹  Final Sale Description Footer Moved To Separate Line

We’ve moved the Final Sale footer in product descriptions to a line below the last line of the main description to maintain a cleaner appearance. 


⏹  We’ve Stopped Marketing Automation Emails for Blocked Customers

Blocked customers will no longer receive marketing automation emails.


🦟  Loyalty Emails Will No Longer Send at 0% off

Previously, loyalty emails could be sent for 0% off. Now they only send at 1% or more off.


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